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Real Women, Realistic Bodies

Jetty’s audience is filled with women who reject the status quo in order to be themselves. They appreciate her no-bullshit approach, opting out of the perfectly polished influencer image for a more truthful account of challenging assumptions, taking risks, and standing out.

Trujetty women live big, bold lives and are looking for products and experiences that help them feel unique. They value fashion, beauty, and fitness and are excited about discovering brands that embrace diversity and racial, age, and size inclusivity.

Women: 71%

Average age: 25-44

Location: NYC and LA

"Working with Jetty was an absolute treat. She provided us with amazing engagement and helped us achieve our campaign goals. 


From the very beginning, Jetty showcased professionalism and dedication. Her unique perspective and content creation skills were nothing short of impressive, and it's clear she has a deep understanding of her audience and what resonates with them. 


What stood out the most was the seamless way Jetty incorporated our product into her content. It never felt forced or overly promotional; it was a genuine endorsement that her followers truly appreciated."

-Excuse My Frank


  • IAWP Health/Wellness Coach

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

  • CanFitPro Personal Trainer

  • Certified makeup artist

  • Certified image consultant

  • 2-time Ironman finisher

  • Bilingual: Dutch & English

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