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Everyone can see a part of their story in hers.

As a law school drop-out, bulimia survivor, and dual citizen, Jetty knows what it feels like to not fit in. After spending her first 40 years focused on meeting others’ expectations, she changed her life by deciding to live every day intentionally rebelling against the norm. 

Her talks are real and relatable. A blend of personal narrative and motivational insight, Jetty encourages us all to follow what our soul craves.

“The training was spectacular. Thank you for being such a spectacular soul and sharing your incredible gifts.”


The Messy Middle / Embracing Uncertainty

We’re always experiencing the middle in some area of our lives - some are big, some smaller. Jetty explores the human habit to push things through when we want them; that may not always be when we need them. She shares how spirituality, meditation, trust, and healing help you release control.

Going After What YOU Want

People pleasing and fear of triggering others keeps us from going after our biggest goals, even when they’re within reach. Jetty explores how to get what you want of out of life — whether that’s a job change, a move, getting rid of toxic friends, or going back to school — by practicing discomfort, releasing shame, and owning who you really are.

Healing From Invisible Illness

Taking you through her own journey of recovery, Jetty delivers a heartfelt reminder of how resilient the human spirit can be. For anyone who’s felt invisible or othered, Jetty shares proven tips on how listening to your body, protecting your energy, and being selective with your time and attention can change your body and your life.

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Jetty Nieuwenhuis is a speaker, model, and wellness advocate. As CEO of Trujetty, she uses her personal stories of invisible illness — bulimia, Lyme Disease, and depression — to help women wake up from a life on autopilot and unapologetically go after their desires. Rebelling against the perfectly curated influencer image, complete with unattainable standards, she focuses on the real contradictions of life like fashion over 40, beauty without the heavy edit, and having enough while still wanting more. Jetty is an IAWP Health/Wellness coach, holds certifications in makeup artistry and image consulting, and has successfully completed two Ironmans.


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