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From a young age in the Netherlands Jetty began to understand the weight of labels: “dirty farm girl,” “not smart enough,” “too outspoken.”

The fifth born child — an oopsie baby — she learned life was meant to be a struggle: for attention, for love, for acceptance. Without comfort at home, she found it in food, marking the beginning of a twenty year struggle with disordered eating.

It took decades to break free of the shame and exhaustion associated with people pleasing to understand who she was when she wasn’t focused on being palatable for others.


As a speaker, model, and content creator, Jetty now uses her personal stories of invisible illness — bulimia, Lyme Disease, and depression — to help women wake up from a life on autopilot and unapologetically go after their desires. As a former health and wellness coach, she’s known for encouraging self-expression as a means to communicate the depth of who you are and what you stand for.

Rebelling against the perfectly curated influencer image — complete with unattainable standards — Jetty focuses on the real contradictions of life like fashion over 40, beauty without the heavy edit, and having enough while still wanting more.

For 18 years she’s owned a dairy farm with her husband in Alberta, Canada — living as a true fashionista on a farm. A true multi-passionate, she’s completed two IronMan triathlons, trained as a health and wellness coach, and is certified in makeup artistry and image consulting. 

Trujetty represents what’s truly possible when we embrace everything we’ve gone through and decide that our future will not be dictated by the past.


“We’re taught that everything has to be perfect, but the truth is we’re all flawed. Trying to pretend we’re not is the greatest act of deception — to others and ourselves. After spending twenty years living with a constant hum suggesting there was something more, I finally owned my story. I want women to know it’s safe to be who you are. Not fitting in is a blessing. And you can make this choice at 18 or 80.” – JETTY

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